Marka InPost coraz popularniejsza na rynku polskim

Research carried out by Millward Brown indicates that as many as 61% of Poles know the InPost company. Detailed analysis reveals that the popularity of the company is even higher among younger people, who are better educated and reside in bigger cities.

‘We want our services to be accessible to the broadest range of recipients. Therefore, we are constantly working on the dynamic development - improving our offer and expanding its range. In recent time we have started strategic cooperation with Allegro, offering the lowest cost delivery options in the market, including registered letter for 3,94 PLN. We are also planning to increase the number of InPost agencies and the implementation of the Electronic Acknowledgement of Receipt’ - says Sebastian Anioł, President of InPost.


InPost has a network of more than 8,300 customer service offices throughout the country, 76% of which are also open on Saturdays, and 8% on Sundays. Every day more than 10,000 postmen deliver mail to the doors of the residents in Poland. Recipients and senders can track the parcels on the website.

The largest private postal operator in Poland - at the end of Q III of 2014 provided postal services for up to 2,600 companies in Poland, both public institutions and private companies. This represents an increase the 20% since the beginning of the year.

In December 2014 InPost - the largest private postal operator in Poland - completed the acquisition of 100% stake in Polska Grupa Pocztowa SA –PGP SA - (Polish Postal GroupSA). Companies have integrated their operating structures, and formal acquisition of shares was the final stage in the acquisition process of PGP. Thus, the potential of correspondence services by InPost will increase, including that in the field of public contracts. PGP will remain a separate company and brand dedicated to business customers requiring advanced postal services.

Recently, InPost has won tenders for correspondence services of government’s shared services centre, worth 33 million PLN and Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS) - valued at almost 23 million PLN. In addition, for the last year, InPost with PGP have been implementing correspondence services for courts and prosecutor's offices – the two-year contract is worth nearly 500 million PLN and it includes 100 million letters.

InPost and PGP offer attractive prices for postal services - up to 40% lower than
competitors - and the highest effectiveness of service on the market - up to 75% of registered mail is delivered directly to the recipients (without advice notes). Also, companies record higher punctuality than the designated operator of the registered mail service - 92% for D + 3 mail and 97.5% for the D + 5 letters.

In 2013, the number of mail handled by InPost amounted to about 240 million items, while in 2014 – over 280 million items. Letters and parcels delivered by InPost are sorted in a high tech sorting office with an area of 10,000 m2, in which even 1.2 million parcels a day are sorted, thanks to ultra-modern machines.

As it can be seen from consumer research carried out in agencies of the largest
private postal operator in Poland, as many as 96% of customers claim that the service in InPost agencies is either good or very good. Statistics also confirm price attractiveness of services provided by the company - as many as 83% of respondents consider them to be competitive or very competitive in relation to offers of other companies in the market. Researches also indicate customer satisfaction with the accessibility of InPost offices - as many as 76% of respondents confirm that customer service offices are close or very close to where they live or work.

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reklama na paczkomacie

Twoja reklama na Paczkomacie

Z początkiem stycznia wprowadziliśmy na rynek nową ofertą reklamową na Paczkomatach, która mocno namiesza na tradycyjnym rynku kampanii outdoorowych. Na kilku tysiącach Paczkomatów, rozmieszczonych w centrach i najbardziej atrakcyjnych miejscach polskich miast, będzie można wykupić spersonalizowaną reklamę.