Courier Delivery to 12 p.m.

When choosing InPost courier services – you send parcels to any destination in the country and to one of 18 European countries. All national and international services are provided with delivery to the consumer’s home address or to one of our Paczkomaty – Parcel Lockers.

Courier Delivery to 12 p.m.

It is a perfect service for Customers expecting the fastest possible delivery. This service is available only to selected towns in Poland.

  • This courier service includes delivery of parcels with guaranteed delivery time to 12 p.m. on the next business day to the addressee in selected towns in Poland, for parcels up to 50 kg and standard sizes, offered by InPost.

  • Guaranteed delivery time next business day to 12 p.m. or return money for shipping fee.
  • Parcel collection from institutional customers: 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) until 5 p.m.
  • In domestic service, we offer a wide range of additional services.

We will forward it to the nearest InPost Customer Service Office (option available to customers in Poland).

Parcels exceeding a unit weight of 30 kg or actual size classifying it as a non-standard parcel, need prior telephone confirmation of collection and delivery in the domestic service.

UWAGA! Aktualnie z oferty nadawania przesyłek kurierskich korzystać mogą wyłącznie podmioty instytucjonalne (przedsiębiorstwa, instytucje i organizacje) posiadające podpisaną z InPost umowę na świadczenie usług kurierskich. Oferta dla klientów indywidualnych zostanie przygotowana w najbliższym czasie.
Zainteresowane podmioty prosimy o kontakt z naszym Centrum Kontaktowym.

Service information

Basic services: parcels with delivery by courier to the recipient’s address in domestic and international services

Service NameCourier Delivery 12:00 p.m.Courier Delivery 05:00 p.m.Economic Courier
AreaI (Poland)I (Poland)I (Poland)IIIIIIVVVI
1 kg21,00 PLN16,00 PLN14,00 PLN34,63 PLN37,64 PLN42,91 PLN50,44 PLN58,71 PLN
2 kg23,00 PLN17,00 PLN15,00 PLN36,89 PLN39,90 PLN45,92 PLN53,44 PLN61,73 PLN
3 kg25,00 PLN20,00 PLN18,00 PLN41,40 PLN42,91 PLN48,18 PLN57,96 PLN70,01 PLN
4 kg25,00 PLN20,00 PLN18,00 PLN41,40 PLN42,91 PLN48,18 PLN57,96 PLN70,01 PLN
5 kg25,00 PLN20,00 PLN18,00 PLN41,40 PLN42,91 PLN48,18 PLN57,96 PLN70,01 PLN
6 kg27,00 PLN23,00 PLN21,00 PLN51,19 PLN54,95 PLN61,73 PLN70,01 PLN85,81 PLN
7 kg27,00 PLN23,00 PLN21,00 PLN51,19 PLN54,95 PLN61,73 PLN70,01 PLN85,81 PLN
8 kg27,00 PLN23,00 PLN21,00 PLN51,19 PLN54,95 PLN61,73 PLN70,01 PLN85,81 PLN
9 kg27,00 PLN23,00 PLN21,00 PLN51,19 PLN54,95 PLN61,73 PLN70,01 PLN85,81 PLN
10 kg27,00 PLN23,00 PLN21,00 PLN51,19 PLN54,95 PLN61,73 PLN70,01 PLN85,81 PLN
11 kg29,00 PLN26,00 PLN24,00 PLN63,23 PLN67,00 PLN73,77 PLN79,04 PLN94,85 PLN
12 kg29,00 PLN26,00 PLN24,00 PLN63,23 PLN67,00 PLN73,77 PLN79,04 PLN94,85 PLN
13 kg29,00 PLN26,00 PLN24,00 PLN63,23 PLN67,00 PLN73,77 PLN79,04 PLN94,85 PLN
14 kg29,00 PLN26,00 PLN24,00 PLN63,23 PLN67,00 PLN73,77 PLN79,04 PLN94,85 PLN
15 kg29,00 PLN26,00 PLN24,00 PLN63,23 PLN67,00 PLN73,77 PLN79,04 PLN94,85 PLN
16 kg32,00 PLN29,00 PLN27,00 PLN73,77 PLN72,27 PLN79,04 PLN88,07 PLN102,38 PLN
17 kg32,00 PLN29,00 PLN27,00 PLN73,77 PLN72,27 PLN79,04 PLN88,07 PLN102,38 PLN
18 kg32,00 PLN29,00 PLN27,00 PLN73,77 PLN72,27 PLN79,04 PLN88,07 PLN102,38 PLN
19 kg32,00 PLN29,00 PLN27,00 PLN73,77 PLN72,27 PLN79,04 PLN88,07 PLN102,38 PLN
20 kg32,00 PLN29,00 PLN27,00 PLN73,77 PLN72,27 PLN79,04 PLN88,07 PLN102,38 PLN
21 kg35,00 PLN32,00 PLN30,00 PLN85,82 PLN85,82 PLN91,84 PLN99,37 PLN114,42 PLN
22 kg35,00 PLN32,00 PLN30,00 PLN85,82 PLN85,82 PLN91,84 PLN99,37 PLN114,42 PLN
23 kg35,00 PLN32,00 PLN30,00 PLN85,82 PLN85,82 PLN91,84 PLN99,37 PLN114,42 PLN
24 kg35,00 PLN32,00 PLN30,00 PLN85,82 PLN85,82 PLN91,84 PLN99,37 PLN114,42 PLN
25 kg35,00 PLN32,00 PLN30,00 PLN85,82 PLN85,82 PLN91,84 PLN99,37 PLN114,42 PLN
26 kg38,00 PLN35,00 PLN33,00 PLN-----
27 kg38,00 PLN35,00 PLN33,00 PLN-----
28 kg38,00 PLN35,00 PLN33,00 PLN-----
29 kg38,00 PLN35,00 PLN33,00 PLN-----
30 kg38,00 PLN35,00 PLN33,00 PLN-----
do 40 kg60,00 PLN55,00 PLN50,00 PLN-----
do 50 kg70,00 PLN65,00 PLN60,00 PLN-----

* The above prices are expressed in net values, to which current rate of VAT should be added.

Additional service available for domestic service is provided for courier and Parcel Locker deliveries containing merchandise or valuables worth up to 20,000 PLN incl. VAT. Service insurance fee depends on the value of the parcel declared by the sender, indicated on the waybill. If you choose service insurance, description of the goods sent in parcel, provided by the sender, is mandatory. In the case of international services, all mail items are covered by CMR insurance of the carrier.

Additional service available for domestic deliveries. It includes mail delivery and collection of payment from the recipient in the amount of cash indicated on the waybill. Maximum period of time for the return of COD payment is up to 5 business days from the day following delivery of the mail item. The maximum amount of COD payment is 5000 PLN per one recipient. If you use the COD payment service, additional shipping insurance to the value of the COD payment is mandatory. The service is also available for Parcel Locker parcels only with a credit or debit card payment at the time of collecting the parcel. In the case of courier delivery to-door, the service includes COD payment in cash to the courier delivering the parcel.

Additional service available for courier deliveries in domestic service. It includes the return of confirmed (by stamp and / or signature) documents accompanying the mail within up to 5 working days from the day after delivery.

The service is available for additional courier services in domestic deliveries. It includes sending information about the next stages of parcel delivery via either a text message or an email sent to the recipient. As a part of the service, the recipient receives the set of following messages with a number of information: parcel number, required COD amount, courier collection from the sender, advice note or what happens to the parcel when the courier does not find the addressee in. To be able to use the service, the recipient’s telephone number and email address is required as well as choosing the service on a waybill or in the online courier application.

Additional service available for courier services with delivery to the addressee, that includes parcel delivery on Saturday. The services are provided only for items posted by senders on Friday to cities with the InPost courier offices network.

PStandard courier parcel

The parcel in the shape of a cuboid or cube. In the case of courier parcel,
the lenght of the longest side can not exceed 140 cm, and the sum of all dimensions can not exceed 220 cm. In the case of international deliveries, the dimensions of the sides can not exceed 60x40x40 cm.

Parcel Locker parcel

Parcels delivered to Paczkomaty can not exceed the weight of 25 kg in domestic delivery service and 20 kg in international, and their maximum dimensions are supposed to be: size A - 8x38x64 cm, size B - 19x38x64 cm, size C - 41x38x64 cm. Maximum parcel weight in international service cannot exceed: for size A - 5 kg; for size B - 10 kg, for size C - 20 kg.

Non-standard parcel

Available in domestic service only, parcel, whose one dimension exceeds 140 cm or where the sum of the dimensions (lenght + width + height) exceeds 220 cm. Non-standard parcels are also: parcels with round, cylindrical or oval elements, irregular shapes or / and protruding elements. This option does not include the lenght-based parcels.

Oversize parcel

Available only for courier deliveries in domestic service. Low-weight and large dimensional parcel, for which the dimensional weight is greater than the actual parcel weight. Dimensional weight is calculated by the following formula:

Lenght-based parcel

Available only for courier deliveries in domestic service. Lenght-based parcel is a parcel in which the longest side exceeds 200cm, and maximum weight of one element cannot exceed 30kg. The price of a lenght-based parcel is calculated by adding 100 cm for the longest side ( each 100 cm above 200 cm). Maximum lenght of the parcel cannot exceed 350 cm.

The method of calculating weight of the courier parcel

In determining the parcel’s weight, the rule of choosing the heavier parcel’s weight applies: real, oversize or lenght-based one. Oversize, non-standard and lenght-based parcels are delivered on separate waybills according to the rule: one parcel - one waybill.