Registered letter

InPost is one of the largest independent postal operators in Poland and has been certified with BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 on services of traditional mail.

This service is provided for registered letters with delivery to the addressee or an authorized person on the basis of the Postal Law. In the event of absence of the addressee or authorized person at the address indicated on mail - the deliverer leaves an advice note in the mailbox, or - if this is not possible – on the door of the recipient's apartment, their office or other room where the addressee performs their professional activities, or in a prominent place at the entrance to the recipient’s property. The maximum weight of a registered letter can not exceed 2 kg, the dimensions of the size A - 2x32,5x23 cm the size B - 6x36x26 cm.
The service is available both on domestic and international markets. Declared delivery time nationwide is D + 3. In the case of international mail, delivery time depends on the country of delivery.
Detailed table of the declared delivery times for each zone is presented on pages 24-25 Service Guide. Service available on the domestic and international markets.

Service nameSIZE A23x32,5 cm (width x length)SIZE B26x36 cm (width x length)
max weight letter 2 kg
Height shipmentPrice PLN (incl. VAT)Height shipmentPrice PLN (incl. VAT)
Registered letter D+3up to 5 mm3,50up to 20 mm5,10
6 – 10 mm5,0021 – 40 mm5,90
11 – 20 mm7,5041 – 60 mm8,40

This document does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 of the Act of 23 April 1964 Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 1964 No. 16, pos. 93, revised text Journal of Laws of 2014 pos. 121 as amended).

Service information

Regular letter, regular local letter, regular express letter

The letter will be delivered to the address indicated and given to the addressee, and, in cases defined by law, to any other person authorized to receive the mail.

Registered letter

In the absence of the addressee, the deliverer leaves a written notice about the attempt to deliver the mail in the mailbox, on the recipient’s door or in another prominent place. On the notice there is the address of the Registered Mail Point or the InPost Office where the mail must be collected within the next 7 days (counting from the day following the date of leaving the advice note).

InPost delivers letters weighing not more than 2000 g. Maximum dimensions of a letter cannot exceed 900 mm (lenght + height + width) - with the largest dimension cannot exceed 600 mm.

  • letter size A - maximum dimension 20x325x230 mm
  • letter size B - maximum dimension 60x360x260 mm

If any of the dimensions above is exceeded, extra charge for a custom size letter is 15 PLN (incl. VAT).

The abovementioned maximum dimensions of letters are specified in the T&C §1.

InPost envelopes

At the Customer Service Office you can purchase envelopes for letters weighing up to 1000 g. The envelope is made of a rigid and durable cardboard, providing safety of your correspondence. It also has a special self-adhesive strip, which guarantees a secure closing of the envelope.

InPost envelope Price: 1 PLN (incl. VAT)

In addition, you can purchase a white DL envelope imprinted with ‘Sending letters can be cheaper and more convenient’ and the InPost logo. This envelope’s size is the smallest one. This envelope does not have a self-adhesive strip.

DL envelope price: 0,15 PLN incl VAT

We also offer bubble envelopes. They are white and have a self-adhesive strip
for secure closing.

Price of bubble envelopes depends on the format:

A3 - 2,50 PLN incl. VAT
A4 - 2,00 PLN incl. VAT
A5 - 1,50 PLN incl. VAT

InPost boxes

The Customer Service Point can also purchase a box for a parcel weighing up to 5000 g. Boxes are made of a suitably rigid and durable cardboard, providing the security of your correspondence.

InPost box price: from 1.90 to 4.70 PLN incl. VAT

Visualization of correct addressing of mail, sent either in the customer’s own packaging or in the InPost envelope and box.

In the case of failure to deliver your mail, it will be returned to the return address you provided. The cause of failed delivery will be precisely described. The return fee for one undelivered mail item is 50% of shipping fee, not less than 1 PLN (+ 23% VAT), regardless of the type of mail.

This service is available only to registered letters. It is based on confirmation of the reception of a registered letter. The recipient of your shipment acknowledges the reception on an extra document accompanying the mail. Then the Acknowledgement of Receipt (ZPO) is delivered to a specified address. ZPO document contains the date of delivery and the recipient's signature. The form for Acknowledgement of Receipt is available in the Customer Service Office and is free of charge.

The cost of the acknowledgement of receipt : 1,60 PLN incl. VAT. ZPO Delivery time: 3-4 days from the date of delivery of mail to the addressee.

Mail insurance is an additional service that guarantees security the content of your registered mail (express registered letter).

The mail is insured against damage, destruction or loss. The service is provided under the insurance policy concluded between InPost Sp. z o. o. and Generali Insurance Company.

Mail insurance is valid from the moment of its sending to the time of effective
delivery to the recipient, during the transport with the InPost means of transport.

The insurance is offered in two variants:

  • insurance up to the amount of 500 PLN - charge 2 PLN incl. VAT
  • insurance up to the amount of 1000 PLN - 3 PLN incl. VAT

InPost postal services pricelist - PDF

The fee shall be paid in the form of postal stamps issued by InPost or under the relevant contracts for the provision of postal services.  Postal fee stamps shall be placed on the address side of the mail item.

Postal fee specimen - PDF

Your obligation is to prepare the mail in such a way that:

  • there is no access to its contents,
  • the contents are secured,
  • the contents do not pose danger to persons in the vicinity and other mail items.

You must fill in a proof of mailing. You should give such information as:

  • addresses of the sender and the recipient,
  • information about the amount of insurance,
  • declaration about the value and contents of the mail item,
  • your signature and the signature of the person receiving the mail

Proof of mailing insured mail - specimen – PDF

Detailed terms of mail insurance are specified in the Terms of Postal Servicess – insured mail - PDF

See also: general terms of property insurance in transport with Generali - PDF