How do I collect a COD shipment from Parcel Locker/PUDO Point?

Do you order shopping with cash-on-delivery? If so, you know it’s a convenient option. It’s even more convenient when you use a Parcel Locker. If the sender allows for sending to a Parcel Locker with a cash-on-delivery option, then you can pay for the parcel when you collect it. Here’s how to do it.

Pay by credit card

Some Parcel Lockers are equipped with payment terminals, which allow you to easily pay with your credit or debit card for your purchases. You can do it in a few simple steps:

  • Order cash-on-delivery shipping to a Parcel Locker
  • When the shipment is placed in the machine, you get the code. However, in the case of cash-on-delivery shipments this code is not enough to collect it - after all, you have to pay for it first. Therefore, you must...
  • ... go to the Parcel Locker, where you start - as always - by entering your phone number.
  • At this point, the machine will ask you to enter the code. Enter it and move to the instructions issued on the screen of the payment terminal.
  • After you pay for the parcel, the safe will open.

We’re often asked if a parcel can be paid for with a credit card at a Parcel Locker other than the one where the shipment is waiting. At this time, the answer is no - shipments can only be paid for in the machine where the parcel is located.

You can also pay for COD deliveries by credit card at selected PUDO points. All Parcel Lockers and PUDO points that offer such an option can be found at the link here: If you are interested in places where you can pay by credit card for COD shipments, select the check mark "Card payment" - you will see filtered locations on the map.

Cash payment 

Don't have a credit or debit card or you don't have any funds in your account? Don’t worry - you can pay for the shipment in cash. However, you do this not at the parcel locker, but in a Local Office. You have two options:

  • When you receive a notification in the application, an e-mail, or a text message with information about the possibility of receiving the shipment, it will be waiting in the parcel locker. It will wait there patiently for 48 hours, after which our courier will pull it out of the locker and take it to the nearest Local Office, from where you can pick it up within the next 3 business days. And that's when you can pay for the parcel in cash at our Local Office.
  • Don't want to wait for the shipment to be removed from the locker, and want to pay in cash anyway? Just go to the Local Office where your shipment would be moved and pay for the parcel there (for a list of Local Offices, see Where are InPost Local Offices?) Then, the pickup code will be sent to your phone number, and you will receive your shipment as normal - straight from the parcel locker.

And a small note - when paying in cash, it is better to have the exact amount with you.


Payment by bank transfer (PayByLink)

Is your card is not working, but you have funds in your account and want to make a transfer? No problem! As you know, we inform you about the possibility of collecting your parcel via e-mail. If the pending shipment is cash-on-delivery, you will find a quick payment link in this e-mail. It's the so-called payByLink transfer - after clicking the appropriate link, you will be able to log in to your bank's website, where the transfer order form will automatically fill in the data needed for its approval (including the amount). You pay and ... after the payment is received you receive a pickup code with which you can go to the parcel locker.

Note: PayByLink service is offered in cooperation with eCard. It is eCard that is responsible for direct cooperation with banks. It may happen that your bank will be greyed out on the list. You can than try to make the payment a few hours later - maybe your bank will return to the list of banks served by eCard.

Available payment methods for cash-on-delivery shipments - we accept card payments (VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro) and bank transfers from selected banks: Bank BPH S.A. (Transfer from BPH), ING Bank Śląski S.A. (Płać z ING), Bank PEKAO S.A. (Pekao24przelew), BZ WBK S.A. (Przelew24), Alior Bank S.A. (Płacę z Alior Bankiem), Alior Bank S.A. (T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe), Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A. (Płać z BOS), Deutsche Bank PBC S.A. (db Transfer), Plus Bank S.A. (Płacę z Plus Bank), Bank Pocztowy S.A. (e-transfer Pocztowy24).


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