How do I send a shipment directly from a Parcel Locker?

You can now send parcels without a label using the InPost Mobile application. We have added a new option to make sending parcels from a Parcel Locker even faster and more convenient. We recommend this method of shipping.

You can also send Parcel Locker shipments via Quick Send or through the Parcel Manager. You can also go to one of our Parcel Lockers and send the package directly from the device. How to prepare for this? First of all, you need to have the mobile phone numbers - both for you and for the recipient - and an email address. Before going to the Parcel Locker, it is also good to know the number of the receiving Parcel Locker.

Make sure that the Parcel Locker where you want to send the parcel is equipped with a touch screen - only in such Parcel Lockers can you send a parcel this way.



  1. On the device screen, select Ship a Package. Select the size of the package, enter your and the recipient's phone numbers. Select the destination Parcel Locker. Some Parcel Lockers may also ask you for the sender's e-mail address - fill it in if this happens. You can pay for sending by credit card or BLIK directly in the Parcel Locker or with funds from the Parcel Manager. Make sure beforehand that the selected Parcel Locker can receive card payments.
  2. Place the package in the locker. After the payment is made, the Parcel Locker will open a locker of the appropriate size. Place your package inside it. If you have any problems, please contact us.
  3. Receive confirmation. We will send you and your recipient an email notification. This allows you to track the parcel's progress. ​​​​​​​



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