InPost Fulfillment

Logistics is the heart of e-commerce. If it works well, you can focus on your business and its development. This comfort can be provided by InPost Fulfillment, i.e. storage, packaging and shipping outside your company's structures. It can all be in the hands of a leader in logistics services. Check why it is worthwhile to outsource logistics and transfer processes to InPost!

Cut-off-time extended until 20:00 thanks to synergy with InPost Parcel Lockers and InPost Courier services!

All orders that appear in our system until 20:00 are processed on the same day. You are no longer working, but your warehouse continues shipping, both to Parcel Lockers and by courier. This has a significant impact on building a positive shopping experience in the e-store and allows you to avoid additional fees when you send parcels to customers using subscription-based deliveries.

Quickly adapting to market changes

We have experience in handling fluctuations in demand. With us, you will go through periods of increased sales such as Christmas or Black Friday without unnecessary stress. It is not you who has to react to changing circumstances. InPost Fulfillment Managers conduct ongoing data analysis and set up action plans, even in unexpected situations. While the world is struggling with a pandemic, the issues of safety, disinfection, ensuring appropriate work standards, or securing sufficient storage space are handled by us.

Tailored pricing

In Fulfillment, the fee you pay is based on a 'pay-as-you-go' model, i.e. you are charged only after the service has been performed and in amounts depending on the warehouse space used. So if demand for your products grows, the required storage space grows with it. We are aware that there are also times of slowdown in business. If you sell less, the Fulfillment Fee decreases accordingly.

Cost reduction and process optimization

Outsourcing logistics services will make your business turn fixed costs related to storage, employment, and maintaining warehouse space into variable costs. By transferring logistics to InPost, you can focus on the development of your business. You gain more time to optimize your website, conduct marketing campaigns, develop your offer... Recruiting warehouse employees or optimizing logistics processes is no longer your concern!

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If your company sends a minimum of 400 packages per month, fill out the form. A customer manager will contact you and evaluate the benefits you can gain from InPost Fulfillment.

Fulfillment step by step:

Even more options tailored to your business:

Receipt of goods

Receipt and storage of products

Order management and handling

Picking, packing, and shipping

Even more options tailored to your business:


Including additional elements in packages, e.g. advertising materials


Co-packing: packing goods, repacking, changing packages, sticking on labels

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See for yourself that logistics can be done differently. Fill out the form and Customer Support will contact you and assess the benefits for your business that you can gain thanks to InPost Fulfillment!