Parcel Locker KAT32M

3 Maja 30, Katowice
Przy Galerii Katowickiej

Open all day 24/7

max. 25 kg, 41 × 38 × 64 cm

Płatność internetowa PayByLink oraz Blik

You probably can't wait to receive your order and pick up your parcel? The Parcel Locker number KAT32M, which you have chosen, is also waiting! You will find it in Katowice, at 3 Maja 30 , in śląskie. Reaching it will certainly not be a problem for you! Here's a hint: the Parcel Locker is located Przy Galerii Katowickiej. Certainly, it will make it easier for you to know that Parcel Lockers operate 24/7. This means that you can use it when walking the dog in the evening, or early in the morning while shopping nearby. You can find all our Parcel Lockers in convenient locations, which you can easily reach both on foot and by car. Collect parcels at your leisure, as you see fit!
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Send conveniently

Drop the parcel off at a Parcel Locker or have a courier collect it

Sending from 11,99 PLN


Sending a shipment from a Parcel Locker using the Parcel Manager

Sending a shipment using the Parcel Manager

Sending shipments from a Parcel Locker is very easy. All you need is an account in our Parcel Manager. Creating an account only takes a few minutes and costs nothing - later you can add money to your account and post your parcels very easily.

To send a Parcel Locker shipment:

1. Log into the Parcel Manager

Log into the Parcel Manager at manager.paczkomaty.pl

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How do I collect a shipment from a Parcel Locker?

When shopping on-line, choose Parcel Locker delivery. Enter your phone number and e-mail address and select the Parcel Locker which is in the most convenient location for you.

The list of Parcel Lockers can be found on the Find Parcel Locker website.

Method 1: Collect using the InPost Mobile application

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How to extend the deadline for collecting a parcel from a Parcel Locker

Send a special text message and get additional 48 hours to collect the shipment from a Parcel Locker or at a Parcel Service Point.

If there are fewer than 12 hours left to collect the package and you already know that you will not be able to collect it within that time, you can extend the time it will wait at a Parcel Locker or InPost Parcel Service Point by additional 48 hours. To extend the pickup deadline, proceed as follows:

1) Make sure that 36 hours have passed since the shipment was placed in the Parcel Locker or Parcel Service Point.

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