Zgierz - Find a Parcel Locker or ParcelPoint

Location address
Parcellockers nearby
Post the package
POP-ZGI12 Available
1 Maja 4B
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI02M Available
3 maja 8
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI03M Available
Aleja Armii Krajowej 10
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI05N Available
Boya Żeleńskiego 23B
95-100 Zgierz
POP-ZGI13 Available
Boya-Żeleńskiego 45
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI08N Available
Długa 106
95-100 Zgierz
There are also other Parcellockers nearby
ZGI10N Available
Dubois 37
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI02ML Available
Dubois Stanisława 10A
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI06N Available
Gałczyńskiego 19
95-100 Zgierz
POP-ZGI16 Available
Gałczyńskiego 34
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI07M Available
Kamienna 20
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI01A Available
Kasprowicza 6
95-100 Zgierz
There are also other Parcellockers nearby
ZGI06M Available
Kilińskiego 6
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI11N Available
Klonowa 1
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI01G Available
ks. Jerzego Popiełuszki 6
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI08M Available
Łączna 1
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI01ML Available
Łęczycka 55
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI12N Available
Łódzka 117
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI03N Available
Łódzka 77/79
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI10M Available
Magdaleny Samozwaniec 26
95-100 Zgierz
There are also other Parcellockers nearby
ZGI11M Available
Ozorkowska 78
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI02N Available
Przemysłowa 2
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI09N Available
Rembielińskiego 2
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI13N Available
Rozrywkowa 1
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI05M Available
Struga 13-21
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI07N Available
Szczawińska 50
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI01M Available
Targowa 6
95-100 Zgierz
ZGI09M Available
Wiewiórskiej 2
95-100 Zgierz
There are also other Parcellockers nearby
ZGI12M Available
Wiosny Ludów 5
95-100 Zgierz

Automatic Parcel Locker Zgierz

InPost parcel lockers in Zgierz are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the best choice if you want to collect or ship your package. With the InPost Mobile application, you take advantage of all the possibilities offered by parcel machines in Zgierz - you can send parcels without printing labels, pick up faster thanks to the remote opening of lockers, and manage all your parcels.

How to send a parcel in Parcel Locker / Service Point?

  • Send without a label in the InPost Mobile app.
  1. In the application, select the middle icon with the arrow (Send).
  2. Pay for the shipping and fill in the details.
  3. Send without a label in any Parcel Locker / Service Point.
  1. Fill in the data, then generate and pay for the label.
  2. Stick it on your package.
  3. Place the package with the label in any Parcel Locker / Service Point.

How to pick up a package from Parcel Locker / Service Point?

  • Collect remotely with the InPost Mobile app.
  1. Receive a notification in the application about the delivery of the parcel to Parcel Locker.
  2. Open the locker remotely from the application level.
  3. Take out your package. Ready!
  • Pick up with QR code or pickup code.
  1. Wait for a notification that the package has been delivered.
  2. Go to Parcel Locker and scan the QR code or enter the pickup code and phone number.
  3. Take out the package. That's it!