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that require controlled
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Benefits for
Benefits for
One delivery point for multiple orders.
Guarantee of collection dates.
Adherence to HACCP safety standards and intelligent temperature modules.
Maintenance, service and monitoring of Refrigerated Parcel Machines as part of the InPost competences.
Convenient subscription plans for stores, as well as E-grocery courier services.
The option to store several shipments in a single locker as part of a single order.
RLM system for booking refrigerated parcel lockers.
Safe and non-contact pickups from Refrigerated parcel lockers.
Time savings.
24/7 availability.
Convenient locations of Refrigerated parcel lockers near communication routes and at parking lots.
Quality assurance for a range of products thanks to 4 temperature zones.
Clearly defined terms of receipt of orders.
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Perfect products for the Refrigerated Locker

Frozen food
Cosmetics and pharmaceutical products
Fruit and vegetables
Cakes and pastries
Fresh products

Refrigerated parcel lockers for 4 different temperature zones

Frozen products -18°C

Refrigerated: +4°C

Neutral: +16°C

General: 0°C

Machine properties:

Air circulation The openings in the walls of the locker secure air flow.
HACCP standard Guaranteed analysis of hazards and critical control points.
Free servicing Report your need and we will take care of the repair. Free of charge!
24/7 monitoring Every machine is equipped with a camera system.
Dimensions It can accommodate a 37 cm x 30 cm x 60 cm box.

Constantly controlled refrigerated transport

Our specialized car fleet guarantees transport of purchases at a controlled temperature in the range of 2-8°C. Constant temperature control in our vehicles and the HACCP safety system are the hallmarks of our quality.
The vans that we use to deliver orders to Refrigerated parcel lockers are inspected, hold sanitary and all other required certificates.
Route planning system integrated with the driver's mobile application.
Online temperature monitoring.
All vehicles are equipped with refrigeration units.
Delivery to Refrigerated parcel lockers or directly to the customer.
The perfect solution for catering companies, bakeries, confectioneries, retail stores and wherever freshness is important!

Where you will find our
Refrigerated parcel lockers

Our network of Refrigerated parcel machines is constantly expanding. It won' be long till we will reach other cities and towns!

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