Follow the zero-waste philosophy with ECOreturns!

Return what you don't need!

Do you have unnecessary but usable items that you no longer need? An old phone, a useless blender, shoes that you're already bored with, or maybe a toy that your child has outgrown? Use the ECOreturn service to give them a second chance at life together with InPost and Fundacja Odzyskaj Środowisko.
You can do this at the ECOreturns website.

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What can you give away




Small Home Appliances


audio equipment

photography devices


Children's products

Power tools


sports equipment

What can't be given away



Chemical and medical waste


How to send

the package

Fill out
the form

Prepare the code

Place the code
on the parcel

Send for free from
a Parcel Locker

What now?

Choose eco-friendly packaging

If you have old packaging at home, reuse it! All you have to do is remove the old label. You can also use something like an old shoebox. Upcycle and add value to (no longer) useless boxes!

Choose packaging dimensions

Our observations suggest that 40% of each transport consists of empty, unused space in boxes. When packing the parcel, choose a package only slightly larger than the item you are sending. This will allow us to transport more packages in one go, reducing CO₂ emissions.

Use natural fillers

Properly protecting the package on the road is very important. Therefore, fillers play an important role, in addition to a properly selected box. Use biodegradable fillers (instead of bubble wrap, use paper, biodegradable packaging peanuts, or wood wool).

Place the code on the parcel

Put the ECOreturn code you receive on the package - you just need to write it in hand with a marker or a pen (which we encourage you to do!). Be sure to pack the parcel well and remove any old labels if you are reusing an old box.

Off to a Parcel Locker

Leave your car at home and take a short walk to any Parcel Locker to send an ECOreturn. Not only will it be good for your health and figure, you will also contribute to the reduction of harmful exhaust emissions!

Send your ECOreturn!

You can open the locker remotely using the InPost application or you can scan the QR code or enter the ECOreturn code on the Parcel Locker screen. Then put the package in the locker, close it.... you're done! Sent items will be given a new life and we will leave a green footprint behind us!