Special offer for companies and Allegro

Special offer for business and e-commerce

Expand your business with services tailored to your company! Use the largest network of modern devices to collect and send parcels on your own, as well as high-quality courier services and additional programmes.

from PLN 11.58

Special offer for business

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Standard courier

Parcel Lockers for business

Quick returns

Special offer for Allegro sellers

Allegro InPost allows you to reduce shipping costs and introduce free and convenient returns. Increase the comfort of shopping in your e-store, gaining customer loyalty and maximizing profit!

from PLN 9.99

Special price for allegro sellers

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Collecting shipments
from your place

Full control over shipment statuses

Parcel tracking

Free returns



Cooperation with ERLI.pl

Expand your business thanks to the unique offer from ERLI.pl!
Run a Google Ads campaign and earn more every day.


Gain discount

Promote InPost in your store, fill in the form and receive a 2.5% discount


New dispatch times

Learn about new deadline for sending shipments through the InPost network (with a Parcel Locker, PUDO point, or courier)


InPost Pay

Zwiększ konwersję zakupów w swoim sklepie internetowym dzięki usłudze płatności i dostawy w jednym przycisku.


24-hour Office

Allow citizens to deal with official matters using a Parcel Locker, with the new InPost 24-hour Office service.


Weekend Shipments

Learn about InPost's weekend delivery and gain a competitive advantage for your store. Trade on all weekends and get new customers.

Integration with Skąpiec.pl

Set up an account with Skąpiec.pl and promote your offer in the price comparison search engine! Shops offering delivery to InPost Parcel Lockers can get a distinct visual mark alongside their offers!


Save time and ensure the safe transfer of documents thanks to the service of delivering shipments containing documentation that has to be signed and returned.

Store integration

Integrate your store with InPost and stop creating shipments by hand! With API integration, you will save time by automating your e-commerce processes.


Materials and packaging

Take advantage of packaging ideally suited to Parcel Lockers and save time, space, and costs.



Focus on sales and we will handle your orders efficiently.


Courier Services Packages

Choose one of the courier services packages for your company and expand your business saving time and money.

Quick returns

Become a Quick Returns partner and handle goods exchanges and returns even easier, increasing customer confidence.

Advertising with InPost

Reach a wide audience with modern and unusual advertising media.


Refrigerated Lockers

Order while keeping goods fresh. Your order will be perfectly chilled or perfectly frozen.

Open a ParcelPoint

Earn money from shipments in your service establishment and get new clients who will take advantage of your services when sending or collecting parcels.

Place a Parcel Locker

Become our partner and earn money by renting space for a Parcel Locker. You can attract more customers who will visit your company!