Meet our new service
Weekend shipments

Offer your customers
on Saturday and Sunday!

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Convenient shipping

You can ship to all 19000 24/7 Parcel Lockers within the country

Greater profits

The weekend shipment will allow your store to gain new customers and a competitive advantage.

Customer Satisfaction

Only InPost offers such comfortable delivery and pick-up on weekends.

Flexible offer

You decide yourself whether you want to provide this option to your customers.

Easy integration

Using the new option is intuitive. You do not have to sign an annex the contract or a stack of additional documents.

Low price

The net price of the service for project partners is only 4.06 PLN.

We did it to respond to expectations

We asked the opinion of both consumers and representatives of the e-commerce world.
The results showed that the introduction of weekend delivery to Parcel Lockers is very important for both parties.

of surveyed e-commerce representatives expressed a desire to introduce the option of weekend delivery to Parcel Lockers in their stores.
of surveyed buyers described their recent purchases as urgent
and very urgent.
of shoppers who recently used courier delivery, expressed their desire to use the weekend delivery option to InPost Parcel Lockers.