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Send and collect your parcels
faster than ever!

Install the InPost Mobile app

Send without a shipping label and collect parcel even faster with remote locker opening!

Why do you want to use our app?


You can send parcels without a shipping label

You can now send your parcel through the InPost Mobile app – without having to print a shipping label, 24/7. You can send the parcel from any parcel locker!


Open lockers remotely

With the remote locker opening function you can collect your parcels even faster! You can also use the QR code or pick-up code displayed in the app.


All in one place

You can easily find all the information about your parcels on the application home screen.


Save time on registration

You don't have to register parcels yourself, so you save time! The list of shipments in your panel will be updated automatically.


Be up to date

A push notification will appear on your mobile device's screen any time the status of your parcel changes. You do not have to log in to be up to date!


Collect parcels along the way

We will remind you to collect the package when you are near the Parcel Locker. You don't have to remember about everything!


Identify your packages easily

You can give each shipment a name of your choice, so you can find the parcel you are interested in even easier.


You can track your loved ones' parcels

The app allows you to track your packages, as well as those of your friends and relatives. All they have to do is give you their parcel's shipping number!


Easy cash-on-delivery payments

Paying for your cash-on-delivery parcels is even faster and easier - you gain time and convenience!


Extend the deadline for collecting a shipment

Using the application you can extend the deadline for parcel pick-up by an additional 24 hours! You can use the service repeatedly.


Redirect a courier shipment

Redirect your courier shipment to a Parcel Locker, PUDO point, or you neighbours with just a few clicks.


Choose to have parcels delivered to lower lockers

Thanks to the possibility of activating the Facilitated Access Zone, you have control over where your shipment will be placed within a Parcel Locker.


Monitor air quality

Sensors installed in Parcel Lockers, allow users to check air quality using the application.


Return products to stores

Using the application, you can quickly and conveniently return unsuccessful purchases back to the store