How to send a parcel from a Parcel Locker

Method 1: Send without a label via the InPost Mobile app


1. Select the arrow icon in the middle (Send)

Select the shipping method and fill in the required details of the recipient and sender. The phone number will be filled in!


2. Pay for shipping

After completing the information, you will be redirected to convenient payment methods. After the payment is complete, a 9-digit shipping code and a QR code will appear in the application.

3. Send from Parcel Locker or PUDO point

Go to any Parcel Locker or PUDO Point. If you are sending from a Parcel Locker, scan the QR code from the app or select "I have a shipping code or return code" on the Parcel Locker screen. Done!

Method 2: Send and pay via the Internet

1. Generate and pay for a shipping label

Go to, complete the form and pay on-line. You will receive a shipping label for your parcel.

2. Print and stick on the shipping label

Print the shipping label you have received and stick it on a properly secured parcel. Learn how to pack a parcel.

3. Place it in a Parcel Locker

On the Parcel Locker screen, select the appropriate options, scan the shipping label code, insert the parcel into the locker and you're done! Don't forget to close the door.

Find a Parcel Locker or Parcel Service Point

The nearest Parcel Locker is probably just around the corner!

Send conveniently

Print the shipping label at home. Then leave the package in a Parcel Locker or have a courier collect it - so convenient!

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