How to send a parcel from a Parcel Locker

Method 1: Ship without a label with the InPost Mobile app


1. In the app's bottom menu select the "Send" icon

Select the size of the package and delivery method, and then fill in the required recipient and sender data.


2. Pay for shipping

After completing the required information, you will be redirected to selected payment methods. After you pay for the shipment, a 9-digit sending code and a QR code will appear in the application. You don't have to put a shipping label on the package! If you wish, you can write the shipping code on the package.

3. Ship the package from a Parcel Locker

Go to any Parcel Locker, App Parcel Locker or InPost PUDO point. If you are shipping from a Parcel Locker or an App Parcel Locker, just click "Open the locker remotely" in the shipment details in the InPost application or scan the QR code with the device's scanner – the box will open in a moment. You can also select the option to send the parcel on the Parcel Locker screen and enter the shipping code. Put the parcel in the locker, close it, and that's it – the shipment has been sent! Confirm shipping in the application or on the Parcel Locker screen. Do you want to send a parcel from an App Parcel Locker? Find out how to do it here.

Method 2: Send with a shipping label through

1. Generate & Pay for a Shipping Label

Go to, and select the shipment method and the size of the package, fill in the required data and pay online. You will receive a shipping label for your shipment.

2. Print the label and stick it on the package

Print the received label and stick it on a properly secured package Check how to pack a parcel.

3. Place the package in the Parcel Locker

o to any Parcel Locker. Use the device's scanner to scan the barcode from the label and the locker will open automatically. Place the parcel in the locker, close it and you're done – the package has been sent! Confirm the shipment on the Parcel Locker screen. Want to send a shipment from an App Parcel Locker? Find out how to do it here.

Find a Parcel Locker or Parcel Service Point

The nearest Parcel Locker is probably just around the corner!

Send conveniently

Print the shipping label at home. Then leave the package in a Parcel Locker or have a courier collect it - so convenient!

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