Learn about the benefits of outsourcing in logistics


Receipt of deliveries and acceptance of goods

First, the goods sold go from the manufacturer directly to our warehouse. There, we quickly take products to stock and make them available to customers for sale.



You decide which goods we store for you! We have an extensive warehouse infrastructure at our disposal, and the most popular products are stored in a location that ensures easy access to them during order completion.


Order processing, completion, and packaging

We are really efficient! We can ship orders received before 20:00 on the same day. Our WMS system minimizes the risk of mistakes during order completion.


Goods issue and delivery

InPost Fulfillment is primarily a synergy with InPost Parcel Lockers and InPost Courier services. Our offer also includes the services of other carriers operating in Polish and international markets.

Contact form
If your company sends a minimum of 400 packages per month, fill out the form. A customer manager will contact you and evaluate the benefits you can gain from InPost Fulfillment.

Additional services

We offer a number of additional personalized services, such as: goods returns, purchase of packaging, attaching leaflets and documents, labelling, comprehensive B2B customer service.

Why InPost?

Eliminating fixed costs

You do not need to bear the additional cost of renting space and hiring employees.

Fees based on a pay-as-you-go model

We will only charge you after the service has been completed.

Effective business scaling

The space we provide for you grows along with your business.

Better shipping handling quality

You can be sure that the parcel will reach the recipient really quickly - even on the next workday!

Process automatisation

Integration of the store with the warehousing system allows you to shorten order processing.

We develop infrastructure for you

Reducing investment costs on your side.

Constant access to the latest technologies

We constantly optimize processes and implement new technological solutions, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Full transparency

At any time, you have access to information about the status of deliveries, orders, and goods in stock.

No minimum number of shipments

You pay only for completed operations, we do not restrict you with a minimum shipment volume limit.

Efficient logistics process

Close proximity to InPost's Main Sorting Center guarantees an efficient logistics process. Orders received before 20.00 will be shipped the same day.

Fulfillment is integrated with other InPost services

Hand over your logistics into an efficient and integrated ecosystem.

No problems with couriers collecting parcels

You do not need to worry about parcel pick-up and delivery. You can be sure that the parcel will be delivered to the recipient quickly.