InPost 24hour Office

New service for
city and borrow authorities

How does it work?

1 A citizen
brings documents
to a Parcel Locker.
2 A clerk collects
documents from
the citizen from
a Parcel Locker
near the office.
3 The case is
4 A clerk places
documents for
the citizen
in a Parcel Locker
near the office.
5 The citizen
collects the documents
from a Parcel Locker
near the office.

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Learn about the benefits
of introducing the
InPost 24-hour Office service


The InPost 24hour Office service allows official matters to be handled quickly and without any direct contact with clerks and officials.


Residents no longer have to queue, and the office works much more efficiently. Selected cases can be handled with the help of a parcel locker.


The service is tailored to the needs of the office in terms of available departments and the number of cases handled.

Sender's page for citizens

Citizens are provided with an intuitive sender's page with a simple form to fill out and the option of paying for the parcel on-line and printing the shipping label.

Intuitive service for the Office

The Office receives access to a special parcel management platform, which provides the ability to send documents, print labels, and track shipments.

Convenient sending and receiving for the Citizens

Citizens can send documents 24/7 in any Parcel Locker in the city or county (powiat). The packages can be collected at the Parcel Locker located near the office.