Advertising with InPost

A new dimension of advertising
for your business

In order to allow our business clients to reach a wider audience, we have made it possible to advertise on our Parcel Lockers, an opportunity that has been embraced by media houses and clients associated with FMCG, banking, telecommunications, the automotive industry, and many others. Advertising with InPost is a guarantee of a wide reach, effective access and attractive pricing.

20 000 +

Parcel Lockers

1 000 000

people collect parcels from Parcel Lockers

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Covering Parcel Lockers with adverts

An advertisement that works 24/7 - just like our Parcel Lockers. The advertising media are located in over 20,000 public places and ensure permanent reach to selected groups of recipients throughout Poland.

Advertisement on Parcel Locker screens

Display advertising on Parcel Locker screens is a way to reach up to 4 million viewers per month. Your ads on our screens may be displayed in the form of a static banner.

Product sampling

Free samples are the first step to building a commercial relationship with the customer. Reach an attractive audience quickly with your samples or advertising materials. Sampling is an ideal solution for sales, promotional, and cross-sell campaigns.

Advertisement in the Parcel Manager

Take your advertising to the next level and reach hundreds of thousands of people selling on the Internet and sending their goods using the Parcel Manager.

Advertising banners

Take advantage of the potential of banner advertising on and reach up to 3 million users per month. Increase your brand recognition on-line with banners placed in strategic places on our website.

Our offer

We have prepared a basic price list for our advertising services for you, so you can conveniently choose the appropriate offer. Check what you need now and contact us. We grant discounts for each of the valuations of individual services individually.

Ogólne warunki Świadczenia Usług reklamowych na ekranach urządzeń Paczkomat


Ogólne warunki Świadczenia Usług reklamowych na powierzchni urządzeń Paczkomat