Allegro Courier24 InPost

All shipping methods

Save up on shipments

PLN 13.41 gross

Ask for offer

Special offer for Allegro sellers

Delivery time 95% of parcels arrive in 1 day
Weight up to 30 kilograms
Sizes Sum of 3 sides no longer than 160 cm
(longest side is 80 cm)

Free insurance for up to PLN 5 000

No need to worry about additional costs of parcel insurance - all Allegro shipments are insured for up to PLN 5 000.

Full control over shipment statuses

You have full control over every stage of the delivery.

Collecting shipments from your place

Our courier will come to you and collect parcels for free if you ship 5 or more of them at once.


See to your customers comfort and offer them convenient cash-on-delivery shipping with the Allegro Courier24 InPost service.

Free returns

Your customers can take advantage of the free return option and send a return shipment from the nearest Parcel Locker or Parcel Service Point.

Parcel tracking

The buyer can check where their Allegro shopping package is at any time. All they have to do is use the search engine on the InPost website or send a message through the chatbot.