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Reduce CO2 emissions.
Order to a parcel locker

Parcel Lockers are eco-friendly

24/7 parcel lockers are a revolutionary system of post office boxes, which allows you to increase the efficiency of deliveries while minimizing the carbon footprint.

  • By delivering shipments to one place - the Parcel Locker - we contribute to reducing the number of traffic jams and noise related to transport, and thus to reducing emissions. Our courier is able to deliver up to ten times more parcels in the same amount of time!
  • Studies show that customers do not intentionally go to the Parcel Locker to pick up a parcel. Thanks to the convenient location of the devices (close to residential areas and shopping centres) and their 24-hour availability, they collect their shipments along the way from work or shopping, without generating additional car traffic. Parcel lockers solve the last mile problem and support environmentally friendly attitudes!

What can YOU do to help?

1. Walk to the Parcel Locker

Be fit! Leave the car at home and take a short walk to the Parcel Locker to send or collect your parcel. Not only will you take care of your health and figure, but also contribute to reducing harmful emissions!

2. Breathe new life into packaging

If you have old packaging at home that matches the size of your shipment, reuse it! All you have to do is remove the label that was previously on the packaging.

3. Don't pack air

Our observations suggest that in each transport 40% is empty, unused space in boxes. When packing, select a package just slightly larger than the item being shipped. This will allow us to transport more parcels in one go, reducing emission of CO₂.

Your packaging matters

Your packaging matters

Empty space inside the package


We are banking on a sustainable fleet of electric vehicles

For the sake of lower CO2 emissions, we have added electric vans to our fleet. By 2020, we plan to replace 30% of InPost cars with electric vehicles.

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We solve the last mile problem

The use of self-service Parcel Lockers reduces the number of traffic jams and noise associated with transport, and thus reduces emissions. A courier who leaves many packages in one place generates much lower mileage than in the case of individual deliveries. In the end, collecting shipments from Parcel Lockers solves the so called "Last mile problem", which is the last, most expensive stage of delivery to the recipient.

We optimize production

For several years, we have been gradually eliminating energy-intensive production processes, modernizing both device construction and technological processes. First of all, we create lighter device constructions using, among other things, 3D modelling software.

Parcel Lockers are eco-friendly

Find out why. We have hard evidence!

Millennials choose Parcel Lockers

Parcel lockers respond to the last mile problem, and at the same time are a solution that consumers of the Y generation, who make on-line purchases, are increasingly willing to take advantage of.

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Up to 95% CO2 reduction

The results of research prepared by the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow leave no doubt: delivering a parcel to an InPost Parcel Locker can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 95% and reduce fuel consumption by over 21 million litres per year!

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Close to home and on the way from work

Parcel lockers support environmentally friendly attitudes: those who receive parcels use Parcel Lockers mainly when "dealing with other matters". As many as 62% of respondents collect parcels along the way: to work, school, store, gas station.

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