Parcel Lockers for business and e-commerce

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Delivery time Guaranteed delivery in 48h
98% of parcels arrive in 1 day
Weight up to 25 kilograms
Sizes max. 41 × 38 × 64 cm

Attractive price and sustainable form

Our staff are able to deliver up to 10 times more parcels to a parcel locker than a traditional courier would. This makes this form of delivery not only cheaper but also more sustainable!

24/7 access

Parcel lockers operate around the clock and are located in locations that are most convenient for your customers. You will find them at shopping malls, gas stations, and transportation hubs.

Delivery on the next day

As many as 98% of shipments reach the Parcel Locker (and thus recipients) on the next day! This is not only attractive in terms of price, but also an exceptionally fast form of delivery. You can reduce costs in your e-store by offering customers high quality delivery at an affordable price.


If your customer opts for cash-on-delivery, they can pay for the goods directly in a Parcel Locker using a credit card (most machines have a card reader) or an on-line transfer. For the sake of safety, every Parcel Locker is monitored.

Integration with your e-store

Save time and automate processes in your e-store with our API. Integration will allow you to easily create shipments and manage billing.

Quick returns

Handle goods exchanges and returns even easier! The Quick Returns program will help you reduce costs and build trust in your on-line store.