Sending a shipment from a Parcel Locker using the Parcel Manager

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Sending a shipment using the Parcel Manager

Sending shipments from a Parcel Locker is very easy. All you need is an account in our Parcel Manager. Creating an account only takes a few minutes and costs nothing - later you can add money to your account and post your parcels very easily.

To send a Parcel Locker shipment:

1. Log into the Parcel Manager

Log into the Parcel Manager at

2. Create a shipping label for your parcel

The shipping label is what our people (and machines!) recognize your parcel by. The data it contains is complete - this means that you don't have to add anything more on the package.

You can create a shipping label in the "Send parcels" section of the Parcel Manager. Step by step, fill in the fields the form on the page asks you for: both your email address and the recipient’s, phone numbers, package size and method of posting (you can send parcels from a Parcel Locker or a Parcel Service Point).

The Package Manager will give you the cost of sending the shipment. You can pay for the shipping label from your funds in the Parcel Manager.

Finally, click the "Pay, print, and send" button. The fee for creating the label will be charged to your account in the Parcel Manager. Your shipping label will be created as a *.pdf file. You have to print the shipping label.

3. Prepare the parcel

Make sure to properly package your shipment, and then stick the previously printed label on it.

4. Post the shipment

Send the shipment from the Parcel Locker you indicated during registration. At the Parcel Locker, scan the shipping label or enter the shipping code from the label. The locker will open - now you can put your parcel in it. The shipment will reach the recipient within the declared time of D + 1.


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