Types of courier shipments

Parcel Locker shipment

A package in the shape of a cube with dimensions of:

  • Size A - maximum dimensions 8 × 38 × 64 cm, maximum weight: 25 kg
  • Size B - maximum dimensions 19 × 38 × 64 cm, maximum weight: 25 kg
  • Size C - maximum dimensions 41 × 38 × 64 cm, maximum weight: 25 kg

Standard package

A parcel in the shape of a cuboid or cube. In the case of a courier packages, the dimension of the longest side may not exceed 120 cm, and the sum of the dimensions may not exceed 220 cm.

Non-standard package

A package which has one of the dimensions exceeding 120 cm or which has a sum of dimensions (length + width + height) longer than 220 cm. A non-standard package is also: a round, cylindrical, or oval shaped element or one with irregular shapes and/or with protruding elements. The non-standard package option does not apply to long packages.


  • tires up to size 15" packed in pairs (one on top of the other, without rims), they cannot be connected in parallel - "next to each other"
  • tubes up to 120 cm in length and 10 cm in diameter
  • InPost Poly mailers (gluing Poly mailers together to get a larger size is not acceptable and requires verification)
  • animal food (wrapped in stretch foil or not) is treated as a standard package when the weight does not exceed 20 kg

Dimensional weight package

A package of small weight and large dimensions, for which the dimensional weight is greater than the actual weight of the package. Dimensional weight is calculated according to the following formula:
paczka gabarytowa wzór

For example: 65 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm / 6000 = 27 kg

Surcharge for parcels over 50 kg of dimensional weight for each kilogram. The maximum dimensional weight for which shipments are priced may not exceed 70 kg. After exceeding this weight, the price for the Standard Palette service is charged.

Long package

A long package is one with length of the longest side exceeding 200 cm. The maximum actual weight of a single bundle or element may not exceed 30 kg. We calculate the price of a long package for each commenced meter of package length over 200 cm. The maximum length of a long package cannot exceed 350 cm.

Determining the weight of a courier shipment

When determining the weight, the rule is choosing the higher weight: actual, dimensional, or length-based. Dimensional, non-standard, and long packages are sent with separate waybills according to the principle: one package - one waybill.

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