What is an App Parcel Locker?

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The App Parcel Locker is yet another type of device allowing you to send and receive parcels. An App Parcel Locker has all the functionalities of a classic Parcel Locker. It is distinguished by the lack of a large touch screen; the messages are displayed on a small panel. The Parcel Locker is also equipped with a code scanner.

The App Parcel Locker is more eco-friendly. As it doesn't have a typical large screen and has fewer components, it uses less energy.  

To easily and conveniently receive packages from an App Parcel Locker, it is recommended that you install the InPost Mobile application. However, users who do not have the application, but instead use status communication via e-mail or SMS, will also be able to use all functionalities quickly and conveniently.

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