InPost Foundation

We inspire and
support development

The InPost Foundation was created to inspire our employees and their loved ones to continuous development - acquiring new competences, using reative thinking, and building confidence, which allows them to boldly go ahead and reach for their dreams.
This is what we have built the success of our services on.


InPost today is a huge company, but our strength will always be our startup spirit – flexibility, a constant search for new niches and continuous improvement of services. That is why we never forget about our roots.

InPost is an example of a market success, which was born of three elements - they are the values that we want to impress on our people every day.

  1. Knowledge, observing your surroundings, and the ability to create completely new solutions.
  2. The courage to think outside the box that allowed us to challenge the giants. And win.
  3. Hard work and perseverance. We, more than anyone, understand that nothing is free. And that it's not always easy. But at the same time - that sometimes it is worth going against the tide and rising even after an exhausting battle, because winners are those who do not give up.

We want to inspire and provide our people with the tools that will allow them to be accompanied in everyday life by the same spirit - entrepreneurship and faith that they can reach as high as possible. That is what the InPost Foundation was born of.

Rafał Brzoska
founder and head of InPost

Foundation Board

Marcin Pulchny
president of the board


Adam Aleksandrowicz
vice president of the board