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What is this campaign about?

Between May 8 and June 8, for sending a package via Parcel Locker Paczkomat®, Customers will receive a code via e-mail for free, two-month access to language courses on the eTutor.

Who is entitled to the code?

You receive a code only for a shipment made in the InPost Mobile app and at between May 8 and June 8, 2023. The action does not apply to returned shipments. To receive the code, you need to consent to email marketing.

 Activation of the course using the code is possible only by person creating a new account on the eTutor platform, (not registered so far), users of the eTutor platform who have never purchased a paid subscription, users of the eTutor platform who have not yet used the promotional code.

What if I made a shipment, but did not consent to email marketing?

You can consent to email marketing secondarily through or via the InPost Mobile app. Then we will be able to send you your code. Please be patient, the code will be sent to you as soon as the consent is processed, so within a few business days.

What does the code entitle you to?

Up to 2 months of free access to language courses on the eTutor platform:

English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. You can learn all of them at once or choose one. Choose  your preference and  learn on  your computer or with the eTutor mobile app.

How many codes can I receive?

Each sender of a package is entitled to receive one single-use access code.

Until when is the code valid?

The code is valid until 08.07 (inclusive) and is single-use.

When will I receive the code?

The code will be emailed to the address to which the package was sent within one business day.

I have not received the code. Why?

The code is not sent automatically at the time of posting, you will receive it within one business day. If this has not happened then:

Make sure you have sent the package via Parcel Locker Paczkomat® via InPost Mobile / fast shipment. The campaign does not apply to PUDO shippings and parcel returns, e.g. to online stores.

Make sure you have consented to email marketing, if not you can do it on www site  / in the InPost Mobile app, and within a few days you will receive your code.

Have you met all the above requirements? Share with us the email address and phone number to which the shipment was registered. We will verify your application.

How to use the code?

You will receive instructions how to use the code along with the code. Just go to and click on activate code, then follow the instructions.

Charged according to your mobile plan


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