How to prepare a parcel for a courier?

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The parcel should be packed in a way that protects it from damage and allows it to be delivered to the recipient intact.

The label should be affixed in a visible place, and the packaging should be strong enough, closed, and secured in a way that prevents access to the contents of the parcel without leaving visible traces. The packaging should be strong enough to ensure that the contents of the parcel do not damage other shipments during transport.

Depending on the contents of the shipment, choose the appropriate type of packaging. The size of the package should be suitable for its contents so as to minimize empty space inside it. If there are empty spaces in the packaging, use partitions and fillings, e.g. bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, and/or polystyrene foam of appropriate shapes. The filling should be placed in a way that prevents the contents of the parcel from moving.

The strength of the packaging should be suitable to the weight and shape of the contents. Do not form the cardboard box into irregular shapes, but rather use a larger box and put filling (such as bubble wrap or foamed polystyrene) in the empty spaces. If you reuse packaging, be sure to remove any old markings from it.

To learn more about the preparation and packaging of shipments, see our Packaging Guide.


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