What is a Mobile Parcel Locker?

A mobile parcel locker is a solution which allows us to give you your parcel even if the target parcel locker is full and there are no free lockers in it. Mobile Parcel Locker is also used if a parcel locker breaks down.


What does a Mobile Parcel Locker look like?

A Mobile Parcel Locker is an InPost courier who waits in a specially marked van parked near a "regular" Parcel Locker. The courier issues parcels to recipients on the basis of data that would allow you to  collect a shipment in a traditional Parcel Locker.

How do I collect a Parcel from a Mobile Parcel Locker?

  1. As always, we will inform you where you can collect the parcel via text message and/or e-mail and in the mobile application.
  2. Our couriers will arrive at the location in marked vans (Mobile Parcel Lockers).
  3. You can receive the shipment by providing the courier with data from the text message, e‑mail, or application.

If a locker becomes free during the day, we will transfer your package to the Parcel Locker. This will allow our courier to give out more parcels to other recipients, and you will collect your parcel easily and conveniently as you normally would. If such a change is to occur, we will inform you about it in subsequent e-mails and/or text messages and via the mobile application.

How long does a parcel wait for pickup at a Mobile Parcel Locker?

The time when you can pick up your package from a Mobile Parcel Locker is given in the text message and/or e‑mail and in the mobile application.

If you failed to collect the parcel from a Mobile Parcel Locker, don’t worry! We will make another attempt to deliver it on the next business day, first to a stationary parcel locker, and, if there is no available space, we will direct it to the Mobile Parcel Locker again. Remember - we will inform you about where to collect the parcel via text message and/or e‑mail and in the mobile application.

Once the shipment has been placed at a stationary parcel locker, you can collect it - as usual - within 48 hours (from the locker), and after that time, for the next 3 business days (from a InPost Local Office).

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