Parcel Locker OLC07M

Parcel Locker OLC07M przy sklepie Lewiatan

Partyzantów 9, Olecko 19-400
przy sklepie Lewiatan

Open all day 24/7

Easy access zone

Active remote opening with the InPost app

max. 25 kg, 41 × 38 × 64 cm

Payment with PayByLink

Air quality:

Plan picking up your parcel so that you don't have to go out of your way. You have chosen to pick up your parcel in Parcel Locker number OLC07M, which is located in , at Partyzantów 9 in warmińsko-mazurskie. You will surely find it with no trouble at all! It's located przy sklepie Lewiatan. You probably know that Parcel Lockers are available 24/7. This availability is incredibly convenient - you can pick up your parcel when everyone is already or still asleep. You don't have to queue and you are not limited by business hours. You can easily reach our Parcel Lockers by car or on foot. We recommend the latter - for your health and the environment!

What are the atmospheric conditions today? The air quality measurement in the vicinity of the Paczkomat® is monitored on an ongoing basis. On your way to collect, dispatch or return your parcel, pay attention to the state of the air quality in your chosen area and take care of a pleasant walk.

Parcel Locker OLC07M przy sklepie Lewiatan
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Air pollution Air pollution:

PM 2,5 Suspended dust with a diameter of max. 2.5 μm. The most dangerous to health. μg/m3
PM 10 Suspended dust with a diameter of max. 10 μm. Contains toxic metals. μg/m3
O3 Ozone – has a negative effect, especially on the respiratory system. μg/m3
NO2 Nitrogen dioxide – produced by the combustion of fuels. It causes respiratory diseases. μg/m3

Atmospheric conditions Atmospheric conditions

Temperature °C
Pressure hPa
Humidity %

Install the InPost Mobile app

Send without a shipping label and collect parcel even faster with remote locker opening!

Send conveniently

Drop the parcel off at a Parcel Locker or have a courier collect it

Sending from 16,99 PLN


Sending a shipment from a Parcel Locker using the Parcel Manager

Sending a shipment using the Parcel Manager

Sending shipments from a Parcel Locker is very easy. All you need is an account in our Parcel Manager. Creating an account only takes a few minutes and costs nothing - later you can add money to your account and post your parcels very easily.

To send a Parcel Locker shipment:

1. Log into the Parcel Manager

Log into the Parcel Manager at manager.paczkomaty.pl

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How do I collect a shipment from a Parcel Locker?

When shopping on-line, choose Parcel Locker delivery. Remember that the maximum weight of the package is 25 kg. Enter your phone number and e-mail address and select the Parcel Locker which is in the most convenient location for you.

The list of Parcel Lockers can be found on the Find Parcel Locker website.

Method 1: Collect using the InPost Mobile application

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How to extend the package storage time at a Parcel Locker?

Sudden change of plans? Or maybe something urgent has come up and you will have no time to collect your parcel? No worries! You can quickly and conveniently extend the time during which a package is stored in a Parcel Locker to get an additional 24h to collect it. You can now do this using the InPost Mobile app - this new service costs PLN 7.99 and can be used repeatedly. 


How to extend the pick-up deadline in the InPost Mobile app?

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