Sharing a shipment from app to app

You do not have how to pick up the parcel?

Share your shipment from app to app


Share a shipment from app to app

You're out of town, when all of a sudden there's a "ready for pick-up" notification in the app? We’ve all been there. And we have a solution! From now on, you can easily share your shipment from your app to the app of the person who will collect your parcel. This is an option that will make life much easier!


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The option to share the shipment to another application allows that application's user to collect the parcel. Sharing shipments is free, completely safe, and allows full control of the parcel: you can extend its stay in the InPost Parcel Locker®, pay for cash on delivery, and – best of all – pick it up remotely using the InPost Mobile application.

How to share a shipment from app to app?

STEP 1 – pair with the other user


For security reasons, first pair with the user you want to share the shipment with. Start the InPost Mobile app, go into shipment details, click "Share the shipment", then "Share from app to app", then "Add a user" and enter the phone number of the person with whom you want to share the shipment. Have you entered the number? Well done! Now click on Generate code" and share it with the other person using any available messenger app.


The person you want to pair with should enter the code in their app. How to do that? All they need to do is go to Settings, click "Pair User", then "I have a pairing code",enter the code, click "Pair" – and it's done! You only have to go through the pairing process once, afterwards you can quickly and easily share your shipments in the InPost app. Once paired, your friend will only have access to the shipments you share with them.

STEP 2 - Share a shipment from app to app


In the shipment details click "Share shipment", then "Share from the app to the app".


Select the person you want to share your parcel with from the list and click "Share".


Done! From now on, your friend can manage the shipment along with you. So convenient!

Download the app now and share your shipments from app to app

Aplikacja InPost


App to app sharing is a new option in the InPost Mobile app, which allows you to share full control of a shipment with another user of the app (with a different phone number), allowing them to perform any actions they could with their own shipment, such as remote locker opening, extending the parcel's storage time, paying for COD shipments, etc. App to app sharing is available for shipments with statuses that allow any such actions to be taken.

You can pair with as many people as you want.

Your friend will only see the shipments you share with them. Parcels do not share automatically after pairing. This means that after pairing the devices, you should find the shipment that you want to share and go through the app to app sharing process.

Because of shipment security concerns, it is not possible to share a shared shipment further.

Yes, you can remove a paired user and pair with them again later.

No, it is not possible to undo shipment sharing. Once a shipment is shared, it stays in the other user's app.

First, make sure that both apps are updated. If not, manually update the app in the app store (Google Play, App Store, or Huawei App Gallery).