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Health & Beauty

The wide range of health and beauty categories includes a whole array of subcategories, from cosmetics, through dietary supplements, care accessories (combs, brushes, nail files) to electronic products (thermometers, blood pressure monitors, electronic scales, etc.). Competition in this industry is fierce and, in addition, sellers have online giants, who have also started to share their offer on the Internet, to compete with. The challenge is to create an offer that is somewhat different from that of the competition, whether through unique and rare lines of cosmetics, or the depth of individual subcategories, or through the introduction of increasingly popular proprietary brands and ECO products.

The main challenges of the logistics service industry, which as InPost Fulfillment we respond to:

  • Suitable storage conditions include appropriate temperature and humidity.
  • Safe packaging of products for shipment.
  • Aesthetic packaging of products (attractive, branded packaging, fillers, the "gift wrap" option).
  • System support for shelf life and batch records, support for the recall process (recall of selected batch of product), support for release blocks for goods with too short a shelf life or quarantined goods.

Ensuring adequate infrastructure for handling products requiring special storage and warehousing conditions, while maintaining stable process and warehouse handling costs in dynamically changing market conditions.

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