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In the category of products for children, e-sellers often place a very wide range of products, from articles for the care and nutrition of infants, through clothes and toys to school supplies. The buyers of these products are usually very demanding Customers. The end customers of the products are usually parents, for whom the composition, quality, origin of the product and the guarantee of safety all form important incentives to select the offer. For this reason, the crucial parameters that the seller must take care of are reliable and legible information on the safety of the products sold (CE markings, chemical compositions, precautions and contraindications in use) and high quality of their delivery (clean and undamaged packaging, long shelf life, comprehensive information in Polish). The speed of delivery is also important, particularly in the case of purchases for the youngest ones, where the expectations of a short delivery time are very high for essential products.

The main challenges of the logistics service industry, which as InPost Fulfillment we respond to:

  • Suitable storage conditions include appropriate temperature and humidity.
  • Flexibility of the model of storage, picking and preparation of the shipment, safeguarding the maintenance of high quality of service – for both small and larger items.
  • System support for shelf life and batch records, support for recall process (recall of specific batches of product), support for release locks for goods with too short shelf life.
  • Safe packaging of products for shipment and guaranteeing an appropriate methodology for packaging of chemical products (shampoo) with a large toy or food in jars.

Ensuring high quality warehouse processes both in terms of quick order fulfillment as well as maintaining the principles of product storage safety and control of their expiry dates.

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