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E-commerce poses many challenges to retailers, but the biggest of them is its high capital intensity. Building a stock of electronic products entails two risks: the locking of capital and the short life cycle of products. In the case of the sale of widely understood consumer electronics (including household appliances), relatively satisfactory margins are achieved only in the case of market novelties. The price of new products then stabilizes, and the seller earns much less on the same product, which is why a significant challenge for the industry is the regular sale of inventory and preparation of capital and logistics for the sale and service of new models. That is why this industry entails construction of an offer that consists not only of the low-margin flagship products, but also a whole range of high-margin accessories (switches, holders, other accessories) that do have negligible purchase and storage costs, thus supplementing the low margin we have on flagship products.

The main challenges of the logistics service industry, which as InPost Fulfillment we respond to:

  • Flexibility of the model of storage, order picking and preparation of shipment – readiness to handle delicate items, both small in size and large in size.
  • Protection of products that are susceptible to damage - airbag and airmat packaging, bubble wrap.
  • System support for recording additional information in the WMS (e.g. IMEI number for phones, SN, etc.).
  • Ability to manage product stocks - optimization of stocks at the initial stage of the product's life cycle, i.e. both when its price provides the seller with a satisfactory margin, and at the end of the market life of a given product.

Optimization of warehouse costs and order handling by adapting the infrastructure to store valuable products, designating appropriate zones under constant monitoring with access control, as well as zones for order packaging.

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