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For Pets

The sum Poles spend on their pets grows every year (according to Maxi Zoo it exceeded EUR 1 billion and was 11% higher than in 2019). E-commerce has a growing share of this market. Among the zoological articles there are, among others, low-margin mass products (e.g. food), where high competition and availability forces sellers to fight for the Consumer with an attractive price on high-margin products such as accessories. The trick is to strike the price balance and finally close an attractive basket, which will be satisfactory from the point of view of the seller and at the same time competitive in the market. It seems that what means success in this industry is the skillful management and proper balance of trade and logistics for food with the right selection of accessories (leashes, chewers, beds, toys), securing higher margins.

The main challenges of the logistics service industry, which as InPost Fulfillment we respond to:

  • Logistic flexibility: storage, picking, packing and shipping, of e.g. heavy bags with food next to large dog beds.
  • System support to trace shelf life and batch records.
  • Dedicated storage area, often separated from other product categories, is also required due to the specific smell emitted by pet food.
  • Suitable packaging materials for safe and cost-efficient shipping (dedicated folipakas or cartons for bags with food without surcharges for non-standard dimensions, packaging for delicate products).

Minimizing the risk of raising costs of warehouse processes, in rapidly changing market conditions, by providing service and system support from a specialized logistics partner, who will take over this risk.

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