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Household Chemicals

Online sales of chemical products is a fast-growing industry and there is an increasing competition for discount sales in stationary stores. Online stores offer a very wide product offer to their Customers, based on the assortment base of a selected group of manufacturers, which is why the crucial element in such a scheme is the Customer price, as well as generating a shopping cart with the appropriate value, bringing the expected amount of margin, which will be able to cover costs of logistics and generate the expected profit.

The main challenges of the logistics service industry, which as InPost Fulfillment we respond to:

  • Introduction of appropriate picking models (multi-picking, automation), which ensure reduction of logistics service costs.
  • Tracking of shelf life and batch records in the warehouse system, distribution according to FEFO (first expire, first out) principle.
  • Special packaging dedicated to the assortment, e.g. cardboard boxes with enhanced strength.
  • Proper preparation of products for shipment: tightening and securing nuts, using appropriate fillers, securing glass packaging and ensuring the safety of the package in the last mile distribution process.

Elimination of warehouse losses and optimizing costs of logistics and storage space, while guaranteeing the seamless implementation of e-commerce processes in the conditions of a dynamically changing labour market.

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